Célestin Vuillet

In 1843, Celestin Vuillet set up his Optical company in Paris to build up his customer base before returning to Morez. In 1845 he filed one of the first patents in the history of eyewear solderless spectacle frames. The quality of his work was publicly recognized at the Paris international Exhibition in 1878 and in Melbourne / Australia, in 1880, where he received with bronze medal awards.

Charles Vuillet

Charles was the Ambassador for the family, traveling across Europe with his sample case. He was a pioneer of mail order selling to foreign Opticians including Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, … He had his catalogs and price list translated into different languages and sent worldwide. In 1878 he filed a new patent for a solderless pince-nez.


Maurice Vuillet

Maurice knew the hey days on French Southeast Asian and African colonies. Orders were at this time normally taken by the gross, i.e. twelve dozens. In 1939, he introduced a new material in his collections with were until then exclusively made of metal : Rhoptix, today called acetate.

Georges Vuillet

Georges had to face up to decolonization and to refocus his target market onto Europe. To give a new impulse to his collections, he introduced, as pioneer, his « two gold » finish that reinforced the reputation of VUILLET VEGA. 



Discover our frames manufacturing secrets.






For 175 years, we have been cultivatiing this know-how and this love of the product bequeathed by our ancestors to enrich our ranges. Our frames are made in Morez, in small series. We pay particular attention to the source of the materials we implement and to support the local economy.


In 2006 Vuillet Vega obtained the label « Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant ». It is a French government mark of gratitude to distinguish companies with exceptional craftsmanship or industrial know-how.

In 2011, all the models of the four Vuillet Vega Collections were labelled « Origine France Garantie » : it is the only guaranted  indicator of origin in France, based on a rigorous standard set by the world's leading certification company, Bureau Veritas Certification.









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